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Kath Reade - Singer / Songwriter

"... goosebumps voice and genius songs ..."

Kath Reade ~ the story so far …



Now in her 70’s Kath is loving writing and playing her songs. She performs on Facebook live during the covid 19 lockdown and is gaining thousands of views and comments:-


“Oh your voice is like fluid gold, your singing is a big inspiration to me. I close my eyes and enjoy listening to you. Reminds me of Billie Holliday” - Ava


“Your music can move mountains. Keep sharing” Tom Harrison


“You have such a beautiful voice” - Kirsten


“Thank you for lifting me up on a wave. Sending lots of shimmers down my spine” - Fiona


“This is wonderful Kath, just hearing your voice makes me feel calm” – Rachel



“I am on a Journey”, a track from latest album “Devotion to Song” by Kath Reade, sums up the extraordinary life of this former NHS Chair turned full-time Singer-songwriter and sound healer, perfectly.

After a life devoted to helping and enriching others’ lives, Kath is now devoting herself to the songs and music she loves. Now calling the Lancashire landscape home, Kath Reade was born and raised in London, where she and her parents lived with her grandmother for much of her youth until they finally got a council flat of their own. Whilst there was always music and singing in the house, Kath’s childhood was also marred by domestic abuse, which in later life would inspire, in her mother’s memory, to help build the first purpose-built women’s refuge in Burnley.

At 16 years old Kath got her first guitar, teaching herself to play the blues and the rock’n’roll she loved to hear on records, and developing a love of contemporary folk music. She wrote her first song at 17 and performed it at the legendary Herga Folk Club in Harrow in front of The Young Tradition and Al Stewart.

An early offer of a recording contract with Polydor was turned down when her father insisted she got an education instead. A university degree in Social Sciences followed, but Kath continued to play her songs in the folk clubs she loved to inhabit.

After gaining her degree, while travelling in Europe, she busked nightly in a bar in Rimini, Italy. There she met a group of radical young Italians who awoke her passion for justice, equality , and peace, and on her return to England she began her lifelong vow to make a difference, tackling poverty and deprivation.

Kath became a social worker in one of the toughest areas of Manchester, and proceeded to a post graduate teaching qualification. She lectured on child development and social policy, and taught “Women and History” to university undergraduates after gaining her MA in Women’s Studies. All the while she was involved in community care, working as a music therapist with teenagers in trouble in deprived communities.

Still singing, she had met her husband Paul in a folk club. Their son Shaun is a talented musician who studied jazz piano at Leeds College of Music, and is a therapeutic counsellor. His musicianship features on Kath’s CDs as heard on Kath’s YouTube video “No Need to Talk”.

Kath has had an amazing career at the frontline of social care, grown out of her love of community action, and empathy with those in struggle for a better life. She was the first woman leader of Burnley Council. While a board member on the North West Development Agency she spoke internationally on poverty and public health. She was Chair of an NHS Primary Care Trust (awarded Outstanding NHS Chair by the NHS Leadership Academy). However, by this point, Kath was ready for a change, and decided to concentrate full time on music, and her love of sound healing.

Becoming a Reiki Master, and studying sound healing with Tim Wheater, renowned New Age composer, she runs sound healing events in Hebden Bridge (www.deepsong.org).

 “Endowed with an extraordinary voice and healing sensitivity, Kath’s abilities are a gift for humanity.”  -Tim Wheater.

Kath says: “I really enjoyed working in the NHS, but the time was right for me to put everything into music at last – to follow the path of my heart which is always singing and writing songs.”

With her album “Devotion to Song” reflecting her bold choice, and following up 4 star (Maverick Magazine) album “Passionate Nature”, the future looks very bright for Kath, as she devotes her time and talent to the music she loves.

© Kath Reade