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Kath Reade - Singer / Songwriter            

Blog / News

What an amazing year so far....

I have had a great time as singer-songwriter, performance poet, and sound healer / Gongmaster...................sometimes performing in all three modes at the same gig. More and more I feel happy and joyful in communication with audiences, groups, and with individuals as I share with them what I truly love to do. Hope you have been or will be a part of it.

The festivals I have played this year have been to very appreciative audiences, who have requested some recorded sound healing and poetry in addition to my songs on CD (Devotion to Song etc.). So I have recorded a gong sound bath (‘In The Gonged Now’); a sound meditation journey with Shruti box, singing bowl and elmwood native American flute and voice, (‘OM’); and  a poetry with music CD called 'Beatpoems

'. I can send you either of these for only £5 each or special discount £10 for all three if you message me with your address.

I am now engaged in making two more singer-songwriter CDs of all my latest songs. Two different projects with two different but equally brilliant recording engineers, who are both fine musicians also. 'Let Your Heart Sing' with Rob Van Sante should be out towards the end of the year and contains some of the most requested songs at gigs such as 'Singing As One'

'Lost Saints and Fierce Tears' (Songs of The Unheard) with Phil Snell should be out in the new year and is for me an exciting project. I have written ten songs about young and old vulnerable people I worked with in the toughest parts of Manchester as a community activist. They have remained in my heart and surface poignantly and sometimes humorously in these songs. As one of the songs goes, it was splendid to see how the spirit still rose despite rough experiences.

At my performance poetry gigs I am often asked to bring my gong and it certainly gingers up an audience!

I do a weekly Gong Sound Bath in the Yoga Centre in Hebden Bridge (Wednesdays 1 till 2pm) and all are welcome to turn up (£5/3). www.deepsong.org I certainly am busy, but when following the path of your heart it's all good. Have a look at the gig list, and hope to see you somewhere!!

skipton christmas


I was booked to sing at Skipton Folk Club's Christmas Party on 16th December. As the day drew nearer I was praying for a pearler of a chest and throat virus to clear up! Well on the day of the gig I had almost lost my voice! Should I cancel? No! Just a careful selection of songs to ensure that the choir-like Skipton audience would be able to take over! After we sang 'Silent Night' and then 'While Shepherds Watched' to the tune of 'Amazing Grace' they had got into the swing of being my backing group!

After a few of my own (with choruses!), I surprised them with a rendering of Wizzard's 'I Wish it Could Be Christmas Every Day'. They all knew it of course.

It was a fantastic night and I was grateful to those who came up and said it had been 'a gutsy performance' but I thought it was about simply setting the ego aside and just having a good time.

Of course the next day – I couldn't speak at all!

Well, watch my gig list for 2014 dates. Hope to see you at some of them.........

The magazine R2 Jan / Feb is going to carry a review of latest album 'Devotion to Song' so look out for that, and Fatea Magazine is releasing an online downloadable album of tracks from up and coming singers. My track 'Soul for a Soul' will be on there. Exciting! So look put for that too. You can order the album on this website – just click here!

Have a lovely Christmas and a very Happy New Year. Love and best wishes, Kath x

IMG_1747 SEPT 2013


“… Celebratory … life-affirming … beautiful … imaginative … brilliantly conceived…. Truly outstanding supporting musicians Rebekah Findlay, Shaun Reade, and David Crickmore … Kath's status as a classy folk troubadour is assured.”

Well thank you David Kidman for a very positive review in Fatea Magazine of 'Devotion to Song'. Most heartening!  Have a read and maybe even order a copy on my website or through Amazon or Proper, or get one from me personally at a gig. I have been rather taken aback to be asked to sign the CDs people buy from me, but all in a day's work, so very happy to do so, and very grateful too. It is a special treat for me every day to be making music for you.


Last night I was the guest on Tim Moon's Folk Show on BCB radio in Bradford, to promote the new album 'Devotion to Song'. (Order a copy on this website!)  Tim is very laid back and welcoming, but when you are sitting in front of the microphone which is beaming into the ears of approx. 25 thousand people - well - gulp!

You can't make a mistake and say 'Oh f... Let me do that bit again!'

Luckily I sang two songs live in the studio without mishap - 'Kathleen' and 'Not Fully Functioning'. Tim kindly played two more tracks from the album - 'Witch' with the excellent Rebekah Findlay on violin, and 'Soul for a Soul' with Shaun Reade's gorgeous piano playing.

We also had a good bit of the 'craich', in the interview, both giggling copiously. You can hear the programme on this link.


Hello, don't worry - I wasn't legging it, but singing for three hours at the totally pink Bare Arts Brewery - pink walls, pink chairs, and pink faces after drinking Trevor's quality bottled beer.

Sounds like hard work? But I loved it - three sets of old and new songs of mine and managed to do a few requests. A Scot called Andrew asked me to do something Scottish so I sang Robbie Burns' “John Anderson, My Jo” - the raunchy version!

The wonderful singer-songwriter, Rahel Guzelian (one half of Otra with lovely Tony Charnock), asked me for 'Hang There Hawk' from my CD 'Kingfisher Blue' . I obliged and she wrote an 'on the spot' review of my live performance and told me it was approved by everyone on her table as follows:

'A live performance by Kath Reade is unmissable. She is not afraid to expose her inner being as she touches yours. Honest lyrics and compelling melodies enthral with stunning delivery, infused with the warm spice of humour.'

Wow! Thank you.

Branching Out :

As well as my beloved Gibson and Fylde guitars, I sang to the Shamanic drum, the Indian harmonium, and the African thumb piano, surprising the audience and myself at the end with an impromptu unaccompanied version of 'Smile' - Judy Garland's classic. Well, you have it to do as they say in Burnley.

It would be great to see you at my live performances See gig list.

devotion to song 1

** Some Very Exciting News! **

I now have an official release date for "Devotion to Song" – 28th October 2013.

The album is released on SPLID and distributed by major distributor Proper. You'll be able to find the album on Amazon and all the decent digital retailers (Itunes etc) and you can pre-order physical copies online for the bargain price of £9.89 by clicking here!

Promo copies will be going to radio and magazines via my press officer this week. It's all so exciting at the moment!



Awesome Pressie!

Hi! I’m quite fond of this cartoon that was commissioned by some dear friends for my birthday, drawn by Peter Rigg, talented Private Eye cartoonist, from Nelson. The background is dear old Burnley, and it says ‘power to the people’ on the guitar strap, from my days of community activism. Nice one Peter! Thanks to my friends – awesome pressie.

Kathy & charles


Not known for my royalist leanings, but HRH was good to work with when I was Chair of NHS East Lancashire. No prizes for captions! We got a health centre built next to a school in Burnley, and I gave him a copy of my song ‘Little Johnny Burnley’ (from my EP ‘Quartet’), which I am told was played in Buck House. Well maybe the corgis liked it! You can listen to a clip on the music page  

(No more suits for me – don’t need them for singing, sound healing, teaching performance skills and all the other things that make my heart sing! )                                   

bradford aug 13

Kath Hits the Bradford Music Scene!

Hi!  Had a great gig at Glyde House in Bradford recently. Lovely little venue with a massive quality sound system. Mat White does a good job of the sound and the atmosphere – very encouraging to performers. If you are looking for somewhere to hone your performance skills and have an enjoyable night – get down there. My guest spot was made all the more sweet by some great musical friends in the audience. The excellent Sue Gaffney was with her talented daughter Bella Gaffney, who did a really good spot herself, and the mighty duo Strid, made their usual magic. The regular singers were of high quality too. The famous Kashmir beckoned after for a restorative curry.